CEO Speech


I am happy to welcome you to Omar Group. I am confident that this site will give you more insight into our operations and our team. From our operations in 2000, which focused on travel, tourism, education and management services, I realized the tremendous potential that the UAE had to offer in other business sectors, which led me to expand the construction, maintenance, trade, CCTV, security, IT and education sectors.

As a company policy, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our valued customers and we have gained respect and reputation in the industry among our customers, students, suppliers as well as competitors. As a vision for the success of the group, I am very keen on the quality assurance program for our group. We believe in a continuous improvement philosophy, and therefore our teams are subject to repeated drills to make sure they are well equipped to deal with the challenges effectively. I would like to commend the success of our Group to all the management of the Division and the entire team for their dedication, honesty, and hard work.

I hope to achieve all our goals in the short and long term and grow into a successful business for many years to come. Wishing you a prosperous year,