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Training and education are the reliability of three main institutions:
– Home.
– Society.
– Educational and training institutions.
The Higher Innovation Center for Training and Consultancy aims to contribute to developing the capabilities and skills of all segments of society through the development of innovative methodologies, mechanisms, and programs on the ground.
It is supposed if you teach an individual what you want to learn You prepare it for the past.
But if you teach him how to learn You prepare it for the future

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Our Values

  • Flexibility with our customers, suppliers, and community.
  • The integrity that reflects the highest standards of professional ethics in all aspects of our business, openness, honesty, and commitment.
  • Continuity by providing regular work through lifelong learning, continuous self improvement.
  • The Professional Secretariat provides all the modern and well-organized work that increases the development of the abilities and skills of the successors.
  • Creativity and innovation in the quality of service delivery.


  • To provide training and development services with international standards and innovative methodology that uses technology and community participation in development and improvement.
  • To contribute to the development of research and development studies.
  • To provide an exemplary institutional model for sustainable action.
  • Organizing and organizing training and development activities and various consultations (courses, programs, workshops, conferences, forums, coordination and community activities) in a distinctive manner and using tools. Cutting edge technology and modern creative ideas.
  • Gain satisfaction and happiness our customers by adhering to quality and continuous improvement.

Key to Success

  • Systematic services and superior customer requirements.
  • An annual increase for our customers due to the superiority of our services in many aspects.
  • Developing the business of sustainable customers, which causes their continuity and excellence.
  • Internal control system.
  • Standards and training programs dedicated to the development of sectors and entities.
  • Evaluation of training annually to ensure consistency with the objectives of the company and the requirements of dealers and parties.

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It is one of the greatest experiences of my life when I registered the Course of Institutional Excellence in Modern Management at the High Center for Innovation Training and Consultancy. Dealing with others at the same time I was able to develop myself. This course helped improve my personal skills and skills as well as my organization and the events of positive social change.




In fact, training at the Higher Center for Innovation Training and Consultancy has raised my spirits and my self-esteem much when I enrolled in the leadership and self-development course. This course has changed many of my thoughts and attitudes towards life and increased self-awareness as well as recorded in another course called Communication Skills, where this course increased my social awareness and continuous positive change.




It is already a great training course in order to get full knowledge because the program offers professional and qualified trainers and have a distinguished experience in this field. I recommend anyone if he wants to become a certified trainer who participates in the TOT course because it gives the participant high morale Increase self-confidence and enables the participant to positively change and influence others.

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